antivirus solutions

Antivirus Solutions

Are you looking for a decent antivirus or need help with your current one? We’ve been working with computers for years and can make recommendations that will help keep your computer protected.

We recommend antivirus options that will keep you protected without slowing down your computer. We don’t just pitch one size fits all antivirus solutions. Some customers just want the basic antivirus while some on the other hand want the full security sweet with the firewall, the email filtering and the web hooks. We will take the time to discuss options, what you’re looking for and get your antivirus solution installed and configured properly as to maximize your protection.

Another benefit is that we can recommend antivirus that will notify our monitoring solutions so we can have someone call you to investigate. Some users want to be sure nothing got through and feel better having a technician go over their computer.  Some users only need an email checking into make sure they are ok.

Here at Simple Computer Support we want your antivirus to be part of a security solution that has us working with you our customer to make sure you are protection. We have different options for different customer requirements.

If you would like to talk about antivirus please email us at or call us at 905-963-0249

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