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Computer repair in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and Milton

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We resolve issue with common computer problems remotely, on site or in our shop.

Customers need a local team that they can trust. We know customers want fast, friendly and reliable service from a computer repair shop in Burlington. Helping customers is what we do and fixing computer problems and making computers run well is how we do it.

Remote support

When users call us with computer issues we can resolve them over the phone with our remote support screen sharing software. We will walk you to one of our support websites, have you run our remote connection manager and we will be able to see your screen. We can go through the issues with you right then and there. This is usually helpful for customers who aren’t sure how to explain their computer problems. Why tell us when you can show us!

On-site support

Our technicians have expert customer service skills and can come to your home to resolve any issues you might have. They will come with all the tools they need to fix your computer and you can feel relief of having someone qualified working on your computer

Our Shop

Sometimes we have to take your computer back to our office. Things like reloading Microsoft Windows, replacing hardware or upgrades requires us to take your come with us. Not to worry, we will keep you updated every step of the way and offer you clear solutions if we find problems.

If you would like to get your computer fixed – click here to get help!

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