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Are you having problems with your home network or internet in Burlington, Hamilton or Oakville? We can help!

Here at Simple Computer Support believe that you should have the best network you can get for a reasonable price. You shouldn’t have to deal with slow speeds or spotty service just because you aren’t a business. We work hard to make sure our customers home networks run well.

Here are some ideas on how we can help you get better performance out of your home network.

Multi point wireless

We have seen some home users use one low end consumer grade wireless router to run their home internet. The results are slow speeds and poor coverage areas. Some customers have put in multiple different wireless routers with different names and that result is laptops, phones and tablets are caught switching back and forth. This also leads to slow speeds and poor performance.

Our solution is to put in multiple different access points that mesh one wireless signal. If you need more coverage we just plug in another access point to expand your wireless coverage and everything is uniformed and working together. This gives you stronger single and faster speeds. We also use current wireless hardware that uses the newer AC wireless technology for faster speeds. If you have current devices like android, iPhone and newer laptops we can turn off the lower wireless bands to give you even more speeds.

We use a decent router

Here at Simple Computer Support we believe in having one device do one job exceptionally well. We will spec out a decent router for your home that will be just that – a router. We will use access points for wireless, but your home router will have more options. It can do virus scanning, filtering and all the other fancy services that a decent router should be able to do.

Proper wiring

While we don’t do wiring directly, we do have reputable cable installation companies that do decent work that can move your modem, install network lines and all the things that should be done to keep your home network running properly. With a little thought and different options anything can be done correctly.

Power protection

One key point that a lot of home users look over is power protection for your modem and router. Having basic uptime that will give you power protection with a battery will make your internet and home network work run better by about tenfold.  This option a lone will save you headache and make things run much better for you.


We can setup network monitoring that will notify you (and us) of any issues. This can lead to problems being spotted and resolved before they become larger issues. We can also call your internet provider for you to talk tech with them and get the issues resolved.

These are just a couple of examples of how we can help resolve issues with your home network and internet. If you would like to talk more just email help@simplecomputersupport.ca and we can start the conversation.

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