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Anti-spam and spam filtering done right

Anti-spam and spam filtering is more of an art these days. It used to be you put in a spam filter and there you go. Today the spammers are very sneaky and have lots of tricks to get spam put in front of the eyes of people. We monitor the filter rules and reduce spam for our customers. We make sure if you subscribe to spam filtering with Simple Computer Support – you have someone to turn too to make sure your spam is reduced.

We help fight spam and have an awesome track record. We fight spam the following ways;

The best blacklists

We use the biggest and best blacklists to help cut down spam right off the bat.  We also subscribe to black lists that block domains created in the last 30 days. We can also block domain TLDs like .website, .tk, .loan, .top and all the other domains that spammers love to use. This will help reduce spam.

Block spammers by country

For home users and small businesses we can block spam by counties. Looking to block emails from China, Brazil, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam or any of the other top countries that spam? Give us a call and we can discuss options. We have some customers that only need emails from Canada and maybe the United States. We can provide options.

Outlook unsubscribe tools

Looking to remove yourself from email distribution lists? The automatic emails that aren’t spam but still are automated. We have solutions to help you remove yourself from the lists by using software to unsubscribe. This will reduce the noise in your inbox and help you get back to emailing real people.

We have large spam filters

As we administer large business email spam filters we learn what’s going on in the world of email spam. This is our job, we help people fight spam. We actually administer spam filters. We don’t just resell you an anti spam service and hope for the best. Here at Simple Computer Support we have different solutions that we can configure to give you the best possible spam solution. We work with our customers to make sure they have clean inboxes.

If you would like to talk to us about spam email please email us at or call 905-963-0249

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