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Here at Simple Computer Support we have kept up with the virus removal process for years. Any good IT person worth their salt will have a number of tools and tricks to remove infections and keep your system clean. We have noticed that a lot of the $30 virus removal ads on Kijiji are basically just people who run antivirus software and assume the system is clean. We take a deeper look at your system to investigate.

We check for rootkits

First of all we investigate your systems for running viruses, worms, Trojans, adware and all the other types of malware. Having something running could negatively affect your basic system scan. Manually looking over the system can lead to a better removal process of infections.

We check the system startup

After we manually check and kill off any infections running on your system we have to check the system startup for more malware. Malware these days has been known to have many different processes or legs. You have to clip them all or else it will just simple download back onto your system. We also investigate your hard drive to see if there are any boot sector viruses (They install themselves to the first sector of your hard drive, so when your operating system rebooting it will be re-infected again).

Besides the boot sector viruses there is now also the EUFI (it handles the on-board licensing and other features) the idea behind this is when you reinstall your operating system the system calls the EUFI and the operating system gets re-infected again. After a clean install of the operating system. This was just identified in the wild in the last few days.

See APT28 Uses LoJax, First UEFI Rootkit Seen in the Wild –

For more information.

Antivirus – blanket scan

Once the system has infections not running and they won’t come back because we have cleaned the startup we will do a blanket scan. Notice that this virus scan happens after the manual removal of the infection. We dig it out first then scan afterword’s to scan for romance.

Other maintenance tasks

When we get the virus, Trojan or whatever malware removed from your computer we will do regular IT Administrator style maintenance on your computer. We will check your hard drive for errors. We will check how much RAM you have and the overall performance of the system.

Basically we want to stress the fact that we have been in the virus removal game for a number of years and actually investigate what has snuck on onto your system. We will manually remove the infections and use solid antivirus to scan the system after works.

If think you have a virus, Trojan, popups, adware, malware or generally want to talk about your computers security then feel free to email to start the conversation.


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