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we fix bad wifi

We fix bad home WIFI

Just because you’re not a business doesn’t mean your WIFI should be slow, disconnect or be wide open to the world. Lots of customers we talk to have poor WIFI that is provided by their internet provider.

We help customers get fast acting WIFI by investigating a number of factors by;

Test your internet speeds

First off we need to make sure your internet speeds are fine. We have seen people talking about slow WIFI – when their WIFI is fine, it’s just their internet is terrible. We can investigate and resolve issues with your router and talk to your internet service provider to get your internet speed working correctly

Investigate your router

Here at Simple Computer Support we like to use routers to route traffic and access points to provide WIFI. Having one device that does everything can lead to problems. We use multiple access points to provide one large wireless network that will give you the speeds and the coverage.

Investigate your WIFI devices

Instigating your wireless devices can lead to a major speed increase. If you have newer technology and are using the lower 2.4GHz band it can drop your speeds. Turning that off (assuming your devices support the higher band) can give you a speed increase that you can really feel.

Remove old wireless routers

If you have an older wireless router it might not have the least AC technology. You might have using your new iPhone on an old G wireless network. We will investigate your wireless router to see if it supports the latest wireless standards.

Setup multiple wireless access points

We use wireless hardware that supports meshing. You don’t have multiple wireless networks to join. We setup multiple access points that extend the wireless network to fully cover your house, your back porch, your patio – we make sure everything is covered instead of you having to huddle around a part of your house to make sure you have decent wireless signal.

Just because you’re not a business doesn’t mean your home wireless should be poor. We will fix the disconnection issues, the slow speeds and everything else you don’t want to deal with from your home wireless network.

Feel free to email us at help@simplecomputersupport.ca or call us at 905-963-0249

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