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computer backup - Burlington Ontario

Everyone knows you need to do a computer backup to keep all your important data. The problem is you must keep doing them all the time and you need confirmation that they are being completed. One backup isn’t good enough when you have problems six months later and all the new data isn’t in your old backup. You need to do computer backups pretty much every day to ensure that you have a long backup history in case things happen.

Backup software

Let’s be honest, people aren’t good at doing computer backups. If customers say they will backup their data to a USB drive every day – they wont. They can promise to do an rsync backup everyday by double clicking the icon. They wont – I wont. What customers need is something that will automatically backup their data every day and tell them it’s completed. You can’t assume it’s done – you need something to look and say “yes, this backup is completed.” It is really the only way to do backup, be it tedious.

For business customers we have one tech that reads the backup reports every day. He knows what backup reports to expect, and if company C doesn’t have a backup report – that’s just as bad as getting a failed backup report. This is really the only way to ensure that you are getting a proper backup every day.

Free online storage

Sure, you can backup your data to the cloud. The only thing is you need some software that will automatically do the backup and report the backup every day or every week to ensure your data is properly protected. Here at Simple Computer Support we understand that our home users don’t change every second of the day, but we do understand that your wedding pictures, your baby pictures and your tax information needs to be backed-up and it needs to be safe. Sure, you can backup your data to the cloud, but you need to make sure this happens regularly, and someone must confirm they are being completed. When you need backups – you need them.

The computer backup plan

In an idea situation we like to have a storage device at your home that holds your data. Using Windows backup software, it backs up the data from your computers to that storage unit. From there that storage unit backup to the cloud. You can never have your data saved in too many places. The storage unit is for “whoops, I deleted something” and the cloud is for “Whoops, there was a house fire.” Your data is still safe in the cloud. One key thing is that someone is confirming the backups are being completed. This can be an automated email to you the customer or better yet to one of our techs at Simple Computer Support. This two-prong solution is the best solution for backing up your home computer.

What about privacy?

I’m glad you asked, privacy in the cloud is something that should be considered. There are lots of solutions. You could encrypt your backups and upload them to the cloud. You could also have your backup provider sign a waver that they would not view your data. You could also sync your backups to a different building, say a shed or a heated detached garage. There are lots of options they just must be considered when making your decisions. We can gladly discuss solutions with you.

So – there you have it, a point to start the conservation about computer backups. We hope you have found this informative and if you have any questions or would like to talk further please email and we will love to talk to you.

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