Computer help desk in Burlington

computer help desk

Are you looking for an expert yet casual computer help desk in Burlington Ontario? Simple Computer Support is new residential computer help company that aims at doing computer better. We have been running business IT for almost 20 years and are now looking to help the residents of Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville.

So, what is a computer help desk do for me?

Well – I’m glad you asked. We want to be your technology partner. Meaning that we want our team to be the local guys you call when you have computer problems or are planning to do something new and cool with technology.

New computer?

Are you looking to get a new computer, and have it run well right off the bat? Instead of just running out and start using it, talk to us. We can help you spec out a decent laptop in your price range and ether reload it with base Windows or remove the over loaded default software that comes on your system.

Someone to turn to when you need help.

If you click on a shady email or download an application, you don’t think is legit – we can check it out. Our techs get asked all the time about iffy apps and emails. Why not build a relationship with a company who wants your business? At work you have your own computer help desk team, we want to be that for your home computers.

Released expert advise.

Simple Computer Support is run by business network administrators who are looking to help home users get the same dependability that the business world gets. Why shouldn’t your computer run well just because you don’t use it for work? The short answer is you shouldn’t have to put up with slow computers, viruses, poor WIFI and everything else that is annoying to deal with.

The real deal is that our techs want to work and help users in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We are looking to build relationships based on solid computer help and IT work in exchange for fair compensation with our honest and flat rate pricing plan. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Get Help Now

If you are looking to have a discussion about your computer issues or your new technology project – send us an email at and we will be in touch quickly.

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