Computer networking services

Computer networking services

Yes, we offer computer networking services. We have been running networking for years. We understand what is needed to run a secure home network while keeping costs down.

First and foremost reliability is the number one

Having your home internet connection or home wireless connection go up and down when you want to use it makes people rage. When my internet is down at home I go crazy – sure I’m a little bit internet addicted, but still. Your home internet has to work when you want to use it.

A decent router

We recommend routers that have proven their reliability. We also recommending a router that is just that – a router. Not your wireless controller and a bunch of other jobs. We setup your router as a router and make sure it’s made by a quality vendor.

Network switches

If you have a number of network connection in your home then you will sometimes need a switch. We have a list of vendors that offer quality products that might be a little bit more expensive, but it’s better to have one quality device over a bunch of cheap ones taped together.

Wireless access points

I’m not a fan of having one router that gives you all your wireless. I would rather customers have a mesh or blanket wireless solutions. There is more of a need with multilevel houses and or a heated shed or garage. The whole home wireless solution / network is the way to go. I have seen customers install multiple routers in their houses and that’s just not how you do things.  We will review your property and discuss options to give you quality wireless coverage.

Network security

Security is a major factor in today’s networks. We use the latest wireless security standards and encryption standards to ensure your private network is private. We can setup security levels from general to ultra-strong and meet the needs of customer’s security requirements.

Here at Simple Computer Support we do things correctly the first time. We will come out and take a look – and then think about the best solution for you. Networking for residential customers is always different and needs to be tailored to the customer’s environment. We recommend computer networking solutions and hardware that will last.

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