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We have been maintaining computer security for years now. Being a computer support company we have been security focused before it hit the news and everyone else became interested in it. We take an honest approach by doing security correctly the first time.  Here are just some of the ways we do security correctly.

Users and groups

We setup the access on computers, routers, switches and everything else correctly. We change the default passwords and even the default usernames. We restrict access and set correct permissions right off the bat. Doing the basics account settings right off the bat can save lots of headaches later on.


Passwords are so simple yet over looked. We use complex passwords that have a special character and a number. We have users change their passwords. Another thing we do is have the user set a password that they haven’t been used before. One of the biggest problems is passwords being reused over and over again. We want to make sure the password for your email is different from your computer password. This is basic for computer security.

Antivirus software

This is a big one. We install and manage antivirus, we make sure it’s updated and setup correctly. We have seen antivirus that hasn’t been updated in years or email scanning that wasn’t turned on. Having someone configure the antivirus right off the bat.


When it comes to security we use firewalls. We keep them turned on when it comes to customer’s systems. We manage firewalls on routers and computers by restricting access based on networks and IPS. We don’t want to set access to any:any. We take the approach that any IT administrator would – we take away access then give selective access when needed.

Spam and Phishing

Email security is getting to be more and more important. With ransomware and password stealers coming in via macros in word documents and PDF it’s getting harder and harder to be sure what’s real and what’s not. We use strong anti-spam and web filtering to reduce the false positives.

Here at Simple Computer Support we do security correctly, the first time. We make sure that our customers have a solid, well thought out security policy in place. Don’t worry we do this by default.

If you would like a computer security audit or want talk computer security with one of our techs, you can contact us HERE



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