How we make your laptop run better

How we make your laptop run better

How do we make your laptop run better? Easy, we put love into them. Just like with home cooking, you can tell when someone puts love into a laptop. We manage these systems as if they were our own. When Dave (our lead tech) sits down in front of a system – he will remove things and set things up. He will work on your laptop like he’s working on his girlfriends. He will setup it up the way he thinks it should be run. Using his years of experience this leads to a well running laptop.

New laptop – reinstall Windows

When Dave gets a new laptop the first thing he does is reloads Windows. He needs to make sure all the bloatware that is installed by the hardware manufactures default build – isn’t there. Having Windows run fast is best done with just Windows and drivers installed. Everything else can lead to slowness on a laptop.

Run Windows 10

It’s time to get this out in the open. If you are running Windows 8.1 – upgrade. If you are running Windows 7 or Windows XP – you need to upgrade. New laptops come with new hardware. If you are using an older operating system (anything under Windows 10) then you need to upgrade. There is no point in upgrading your laptop all the while running Windows Vista, it will be slow.

Solid State Hard drives

If you get a laptop or are thinking about getting a new laptop make sure it has a solid state hard drive (SSD). We have seen a lot of customers buy a cheaper laptop that comes with an older style platter drive. One of the first things we will say is “you should get a solid state drive.” This is the truth, havin

g a solid state drive will give you a speed increase that you can feel.

Have a decent amount of RAM (memory)

Now that you have a laptop that is running Windows 10 and has a decent solid state hard drive we need to make sure we have enough ram. In this day and age if you are running Windows 10 you should have at least 8GB of RAM. If I had my way I would have 16GB of RAM in any laptop. Anything less than that is a waste. Pay the extra money to upgrade the current amount of RAM in your laptop or splurge on more RAM if you are purchasing a new one.

Investigate your antivirus

Take a look at what antivirus you’re using and how much system resources it’s using. There is nothing worse than getting a sweet new laptop and having the speed crushed because you put on Norton antivirus (or some other very heavy antivirus – not just Norton). We recommend getting an antivirus that just checks for viruses. Not one that takes over your firewall or your browser.

Investigate applications on start

When you boot up your laptop you will have every application wanting to start. You probably notice this when you login and it takes forever for you to get to the point that you can start using your computer. We want to look up what’s starting and make decisions on if that application should start automatically. These apps can start when you manually run them, just not every time your laptop starts.

If you would like to discuss your computer please email and we can start the conversation.

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