Upgrade hard drive​ Burlington?

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Upgrade hard drive​ in Burlington

Upgrade hard drive

If you haven’t taken your computer in to upgrade the hard drive then you are missing out. Upgrading the hardware will give you a speed increase that you can really notice. You will feel that your computer is snappy again. You will also notice that booting up your computer will take seconds instead of minutes.

What is a solid state hard drive?

I would say anytime you think your computer is slow or you have a failed hard drive it’s time to think about solid state. Most new computers come with solid state by default, but old computers might not. If you are looking to make your computer faster or breathe new life into an older computer a solid state drive will give you a speed increase that you can really feel.

I had a customer with a dead drive and when I replaced his hard drive to a solid state drive it made his 4 year old Acer laptop fast. It was perfect for his light usage of websites and email. Instead of replacing his drive with a conventional platter drive he decided to upgrade hard drive. I replaced the drive quickly, reinstalled Windows and the laptop was fast again.

When to get a solid state hard drive

You don’t have to deal with bad wireless or slow speeds. We can investigate issues and then implement solutions to make your network run well.

We can remove viruses in a snap. We do more than just run an anti-virus scan. We check your computers start-up, check for rootkits and everything else that could be hiding on your computer.

The point I’m making

I can replace hard drives quickly and having customers upgrade to a solid state hard drive makes them happy because they get faster computers. It’s a win-win for everyone because the drives are pretty cheap compared to getting a new computer. When I replace the hard drive I reinstall Windows and this allows me to setup your computer correctly right off the bat.

If you would like us to upgrade your hard drive please email us at help@simplecomputersupport.ca

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