What is slowing down my computer?

slow computer

What is slowing down my computer?

Customers will usually ask “what is slowing down my computer” and the answer could be a bunch of things. Let’s take a deep dive on what it could be.

You’re RAM

You could have less RAM then you need. Sure in the old days 1 GB of RAM was pretty good, but today with Windows 10 that’s not even close to enough. Having 4GB of RAM almost won’t cut it. Today you need about 8-16GB to really have enough RAM.  Now if your computer is slow you could have issues with your RAM. Having your RAM checked for errors could speed up the machine considerably.

Your hard drive

Disk errors are a big one. If you have a failing hard drive with disk errors you will notice slow speeds on your system. Replacing the failing drive is the best option. When you’re replacing a failing hard drive the best thing to do is replace it with an SSD (solid state drive). These will offer much faster speeds and gives you a speed increase you can feel!

Software programs

Finding out what’s running on your computer will give you an insight as to what’s going on with your computer. I’ve seen customers with two antivirus’s installed. That could cause slowness for sure! Also I’ve seen customers purchase a new laptop from Walmart or BestBuy and leave all the default software installed. It can take around 5-10 mins for it to load all the default manufacture crap.

If you are looking to get your computer cleaned up and running faster we can definitely make that happen at Simple Computer Support. Please check out our contact page and we will have someone contact you to get started.

If you would like us to upgrade your hard drive please email us at help@simplecomputersupport.ca

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