Who fixes computers in Burlington?

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Who fixes computers in Burlington?

We do! We are a new computer repair company that services Burlington, Hamilton and Oakville. We want to be the technical team that you turn to when you have problems with your computers and tablets. We have years of experience and love helping customers with their issues.

Some of the services Simple Computer Support provides are as follow;

Computer help

Give us a call when you need help and we can resolve your issues over the phone (With our remote support software) or on site. We can help you with issues that are annoying to deal with.

WIFI and networking

You don’t have to deal with bad wireless or slow speeds. We can investigate issues and then implement solutions to make your network run well.



Does your computer not boot up into Windows? Does it give you a blue screen of death or a blank screen? We can repair computer issues and get you back up and running quickly.


Is your computer slow? We can install more ram or a solid state hard drive to make your computer snappy again.

Got a virus?

We can remove viruses in a snap. We do more than just run an anti-virus scan. We check your computers start-up, check for rootkits and everything else that could be hiding on your computer.

We got you!

Simple Computer Support is a new service team in Burlington Ontario and we want your business. We won’t overwhelm you with tech speak. We will answer your emails and return your phone calls. We want your business.

If you would like us to upgrade your hard drive please email us at help@simplecomputersupport.ca

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